or "A Busy Beak is a Happy Beak!"
(Written by Stormy)

Stormy busily playing with toys.

We starlings are curious, mischievous birds who love to pry and fling most any item we can grab, especially if it is something our owner doesn't want us to have. Keeping us supplied with safe playthings in our cages and in our own areas of the house makes us happier and stimulates our clever minds. Don't forget that a busy beak is a happy beak!

Our Favorite "Toys"
  • Plastic milk carton rings to fling.
  • Plastic straws to shake and stomp.
  • A small cardboard box or shoebox to play hide-and-seek in.
  • Small plastic balls to kick and roll.
  • A remote control with lots of buttons to pry.
  • Strips and wads of paper to rip. (Newspaper is a great favorite!)
  • An empty thread spool to roll on the floor.
  • A Reader's Digest or other magazine to read and tear.
  • A long tail feather from your cockatiel sibling's last molt.
  • A few small budgie toys stolen from the budgies in your house.
  • A set of plastic measuring spoons.
  • A child-safe baby rattler. (Stormy has a stuffed teddy bear rattler that is too cute!)
  • A piece or two of junk mail to destroy for your folks.
  • Paper money, if you can steal it from your dad. (The $20 bills are Stormy's favorite to rip!)
  • Safe cat toys such as little balls, cloth mice, etc. (Make sure your mom buys new cat toys for you. Don't play with the ones your cats chew on.)
Toys to Avoid
  • Toys with parts that come off easily.
  • Toys or any objects small enough for a starling to carry around and swallow. (This includes jewelry such as earrings!)
  • Toys or items that a starling can get its head or foot stuck in.
  • Anything containing small lead or zinc parts.
  • Toys with small jingle bells (Jingle bells can trap small birdie toes!)
  • Rubber bands of any size.
  • Cigarettes (Even an unlit cigarette can be a danger, as a starling can tear it apart and may swallow some of it.)
  • Toys with fabric that is easily frayed, leaving strings that can be pulled off and swallowed by a starling.
  • Strings or thread. -- Strings or thread can wind tightly around a starling's foot or leg, little toenails can get hung in string, and some birds will swallow string. (Stormy once swallowed several inches of string, resulting in a trip to to the avian vet. Be warned!)
  • Warning about hair: Check to make sure that your starling has NO access to human hair! Hair makes a dangerous toy, as it can wind tightly around a starling's tongue or around a toe, cutting off circulation or causing other severe problems.

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